About Group of Companies DIAL

Our production - a modern factory, built in 2007 in the Bryansk region. It is conveniently located industrial, office and warehouse space. Thus, we achieve the most efficient use of production and labor .

Our company is unique in that today it is the first and only company that manufactures high-performance, high-precision equipment for surface mount .

All SMT - equipment , meet the modern requirements of surface mount and fully competes with its analogues supplied from abroad. High competitiveness is based on many years of experience in providing equipment and service support. Technical staff working in the industry, consists of engineers and workers having vast experience in the production and commissioning of process equipment. Departments of the factory equipped with modern metal, welding and assembly equipment. All products undergo rigorous testing and a full cycle of pre-commissioning prior to shipment to customers.

Our Production is constantly being upgraded , as this is required by the laws of the market and the needs of our customers.

Advantages of working with us:

- prompt service service

- short delivery time of spare parts

- proprietary software that allows us to solve many problems without visiting a specialist.

- manufacture of equipment for individual customer design

- as soon as possible miscalculation projects and focus on results

- support domestic producers

- saving jobs

- investment in domestic industries of electronics

We are grateful to all our customers and partners for cooperation!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our production in the section «Gallery» and «Video», and also invite you to visit our factory to witness the process of building equipment.

We offer products created by decades!