Automatic service stations SIRIUS are for electronic components on the PCBs: removal and installation of electronic components, PCBs repair of any complexity.

Service station has a moveable operatinghead instead of moveable table. It helps to use efficiently a working space. The operatinghead moves X- and Y-direction by the motor drive. The use of additional equipment let repair PCBs of any complexity. A normal service station BGA has a convective heating system with a mounted vacuum gripper. The position of the vacuum gripper and its movement toward the work space is conducted by the micrometric electric motor drive. Such equipment serves to simplify of the PCBs components insertion for the machine-man.

The powerful convective upper heating system heats the work space of the service station BGA and mixes hot and cold air. It helps to set the optional temperature rate and to support high cooling rate according to the heating capacity of the PCB’s component. As a result, the joining-up will be of better quality.

Service soldering station has automatic temperature control. It’s a thermal converter mounted in the heating module. If necessary 4 additional thermal converters can be connected for PCBs and components temperature control.

For easy-to repair we have clips for every type of components. If a customer needs off-standard components, we can produce off-standard clips too.

In the process of the placement part on the PCB, the color digital cameras are used and zoom in good quality. In order to control the process of repairing there is a turnround macro camera in the service station.

Service station BGA is controlled with the help of the software on the PC, which computerizes jobs managing. All the data is one the high-resolution visual display, ensuring easy-to-use work.