A new trend in import substitution!

IMG_1601 (1).JPGAll electronics manufacturers that use screen printing printers are well aware that for the quality plottings of the soldering material on the PCB needs high quality stencil and frame.

A stencil is needed for applying solder paste through a special window (aperture) on the contact pads of the PCB. There stencil plays a major role in the formation of the correct thickness of solder paste and shape at the contact sites. Windows (apertures) form a figure corresponding to a figure of contact pads of the printed circuit board. Stencils are playing a major role in the formation of solder paste print of the correct thickness and shape of the contact area. During the existence of surface mount technology has been developed several types of stencils, different design, manufacturing technology, application areas, but they all require a uniform tension to the specified torque.

In Russia nowdays this technology mastered and demand in full. However, the stencil itself means little. For high-quality performance of its functions needs - stencil tensioning system, which is placed in a special frame.

"DIAL" producted the new nomenclature of additional (optional) equipment for printers, screen printing - stencil tensioning frame. During June-August 2015 were produced the first few tension systems. All frames were tested by the manufacturers and caused no complaints. Using frames with pneumatic tensioning system provides high uniformity of tension of the stencil that provides excellent image quality over a long service life.

Earlier was mastered the production of frames with mechanical tensioning of the stencil. However, as practice shows, the electronics manufacturers mainly use pneumatic stencil tensioning system.


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