Another state order!

By the production of "DIAL" Ltd. was executed the another state order for the supply of the oven series Sahara. Today this nomenclature is made constantly by "DIAL-REM" located in the Bryansk region, and as we reported earlier - is serial.

smt-1.jpg smt-2.jpg

Another drying cabinet series B41 Sahara B410-FC5-900 was shipped in November 1, 2015 to the address of one of the branches of "Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey " Ltd.. Drying oven has a control panel with LED display of the enough bright to show the current temperature, service parameters such as indicators of the heater and the indicators of protection operation. There is automatic disconnection of heating when the door is opened for safety reasons.

Drying oven was checked in the accuracy of matching maintain operating temperatures


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