Batch reflow oven Etna B212-AC311

At the end of the June the furnace convection reflow series B22 Etna B212-AC311 was successfully commissioned..

Structurally this furnace is equipped with 4 zones of the upper and lower heating, 1 zone of chilling, the mesh conveyor and already traditionally own software of DIAL Group SmartEtna. Designing and production of the furnace is executed strictly according to the specification of auction documentation. By the results of the test soldering of products and the subsequent check of products on functionality the equipment was entered into an eksplutation.

smt-3.jpg smt-2.jpg
smt-4.jpg smt-1.jpg

This time Taganrog became the place of implementation of the next state order, and production of DIAL Group has expanded geography of deliveries within a state program of import substitution.

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