Driers for dry storage cabinets Series Sahara

We have already reported about the production of dry storage cabinets Series Sahara. These products are still in demand. This year, the engineers of Group of companies "DIAL" developed dries for dry storage cabinets of their own production.

The driers are designed for high-moisture absorption inside the cabinet space. Distinctive features of dryers produced by group of companies "DIAL" are:
- rational electricity consumption;
- low noise level;
- no external moving parts;
- draining of internal cabinet space from 1 to 50% RH with an accuracy of ± 1% (depending on version)

Driers for dry storage cabinets Driers for dry storage cabinets

In addition, our own controllers were created before production of dryers. Now Sahara dry storage cabinets consist entirely of parts of domestic production. While dryers and controllers do not have their own names and are intended only for use in the Group of companies "DIAL" products. However, the question of their wider application is only a matter of time.

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