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In February of the current year we received the order from the customer! He needed a slight modernization of the production area, the 500mm conveyor as cheaply and as quickly as possible. The proposed terms of production in 4 weeks - not quite satisfied the customer. It was decided to put to the customer conveyor system which was ready for the exhibition "ElectronTechExpo-2016".

Its not a mistake, saying "the system". Single-segment conveyor B010-1S-500 is equipped with a number of options that makes this conveyor "system". In particular, set BS03010 conveyor equipped with a microcomputer, provided with a color graphic display with a high resolution touch input. With it the operator can change the configuration of the conveyor (speed of receiving cards, the speed of issuing cards, the additional delay before the issuance of thecards). You can set the speed of movement of each segment individually. Setting this option allows to use the pipeline as pipeline inspection. Possibility of the inspection can be switched on and off. Programmable interval of inspection. You can inspect each board or every second, third, etc. The inspection time is also programmable. The operator for the specific board can reduce this time by clicking on the appropriate button on the display. You can program the "infinite of inspection", so the inspection time can be determined by the operator. The conveyor will wait until the operator presses the appropriate button to continue. Software multimedia interface makes the station management simple and convenient. Language program is user configurable. The basic version includes support for English and Russian languages. At the user's request localization into other languages can be implemented.

At installation of option BS02009-2S (it is necessary BS03010) the width of the conveyor is established by means of the electric drive on a command of the operator. The width is specified by numerical parameter, in this case the conveyor will automatically establish the set width. It is also possible to adjust the width of a specific charge with the appropriate move button. In this case, the width can be changed while the operator holds the button.

In this configuration, the single-segment pipelining B010-1S-500 system was shipped from the exhibition literally to the Customer (Novosibirsk). Among the issues on the timing and price of the equipment the customer asked about conveyor system interfacing with the previous and subsequent devices in the signal line via SMEMA interface. Currently conveyor B010-1S-500 system has been successfully installed in line with the other equipment of the customer.

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