Birthday of the company under sail

Birthday of the company under sail
For many years we have a wonderful rule - to celebrate the birthday of the company of DIAL every year in summer. Despite of the fact that this year's event fell on a weekday in the middle of the work week, it was decided to organize a day off and leave for Klyazma water storage to conquer its depths.

So its 14th birthday DIAL celebrated in the yacht club "Admiral", organizing fantastic yacht sailing competition. In other words, it was a corporate regatta. Amateurs of regatta are well aware that this kind of sport is very challenging and requires a lot of effort of its members. Our employees acquired the knowledge in the course of instruction as well as practical skills and competed for prizes with all their might. And their efforts were rewarded, by means of positive emotions and adrenaline, as well as of prizes at the announcement of the winners. View photo-and video report in Gallery.

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