Semi-Automatic stencil printer В073 — updated Software version

DIAL – launched a mass production of Semi-Automatic stencil printer B073 and informing about release of updated software.

Traditional “book” printers which contain optical alignment system, usually use it in a mode of “magnifying glass”. Main purpose of this system is to show a well enlarged image of the stencil's hole, throw which platform is visible.

Accuracy of alignment in such a method is not great enough. Usually, platform is bigger then the stencil's hole. Due to that fact, when we look at the platform trough the hole, it is hard to understand the position of the hole to the platform. The platform might be “nailed” to one of the hole's edges. By scrolling hands of fine adjustment, it is possible to adjust it that way, that the edge of particular platform will be visible trough stencil's hole and then it is possible see its center. But, this method requires top qualification of the operator and high precision in movements. Obviously, that such a big roll of “human factor” can not provide recurrence during application of solder paste.

Situation befor alignment

Pic. 2 Step 1 – adjustment of angle

The construction of semi-automatic pritner B073 allows an optical system to work in completely different mode. As setting out points - holes in stencil are being used. Camera pointed on stencil and software memorizes setting out points. After that stencil returns to the back position, which opens a camera view on the board. Therefore, the purpose of alignment is to combine images of memorized setting out points, which appear transparent, and appropriate platforms on the board. Transparent of setting out points allows to precisely determine positions of wholes and platforms, neglecting the difference in dimensions.

Pic. 3 Step 2 – full alignment

Besides displaying of images, software identifies errors of alignment in setting out points and displays them as a graphic. That significantly improves operation of optical system, so as provides a graphic of alignment errors. Traditional alignment by using fine adjustment hands remained non-trivial task required knowledge kinematics of fine adjustment. In order to make the process easier, modernization of software has been made.

The purpose of software update is to integrate a helpful tool in alignment process. This tool represents animated graphic subsystem, which is showing errors (corners and displacement ) in alignment of setting out points. Implementation of such tool became possible in respect to integration of alignment algorithms inherent in automatic machins. Adjustment with this tool requires only two simple steps: adjustment of the corner, then – adjustment of offset. An opportunity to display errors in graphics allows to do alignment in few second with minimum qualified operator.


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