We congratulate on the Victory Day! HURRAH! HURRAH! HURRAH!

9 mayNow every Russian from small to large knows in honor of what great event the date May, 9 the red day of a calendar is. This day many years ago there happened what all so wished and waited — our people have won a victory in the Great Patriotic War. Years, decades pass, and the quantity people to whom the destiny has presented life in the years of this war becomes less, but their story about a feat which they have made for us will never be forgotten! For this reason today we have an independent and complete Homeland which we are obliged to keep today, and tomorrow...

The staff of the DIAL company warmly congratulates all veterans! Low to you bow, veterans, for everything that you for us have made! Good health and long years of life. Colleagues and partners of our company, we congratulate each of you on this Great holiday! Our debt is never forget and remember that terrible event, and those who have fallen in war in order that we lived in the world and wellbeing today. We wish you never lose faith in bright future of our country and help to keep the peace sky over the head which was presented to us by our ancestors.

With a victory holiday in the Great Patriotic War! Congratulations!


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